Think of all the Kulturhjerte people from all over the world will create together with their own house…

For eight years, Kulturhjerte has been on the move in its own city in search of a suitable venue for rehearsals, performances, screenings, workshops, storage and a creative home. For the 10th anniversary, we dream of realizing Kulturhjerte House – to the delight of Smålanders from all over the world and the entire city. A lot of work remains to be done, and we are completely dependent on both cheers and financial support. But look how much good we can create when we open the doors:

Cultural meeting place for the whole city

Multicultural. Educational. Heartwarming.

A separate cultural heart house in Lillehammer for both participants and their families. A creative space with professionally led activities and extended opening hours adapted to the needs of the city.

Practice room

At Kulturhjerte House, we envision rehearsals with professional instructors at least two evenings a week and many weekends leading up to this year’s final performance. In between, rehearsal rooms are available for smaller groups and individuals who want to develop their talents, friendships and creative abilities.

Summer Camp

Kulturhjerte House will be the venue for Kulturhjerte’s annual summer camp – with rehearsals, activities, meals and socializing from morning to evening.

Homework help and hot food

Homework help with a hot meal one or two afternoons a week is another option – often run by cultural heart parents who thus gain a (multi)cultural network. As long as we have a house, we’ll be sure to fill it with life and creative community!

Social meeting place and inclusion for all ages and cultures

In Kulturhjerte House, there will be tasks and activities for both children and parents. While the children meet each other and professional instructors, the parents are both welcome and necessary to get the costumes and scenography in place for the performances.

Production premises, workshop, warehouse and office

At Kulturhjerte, we set the bar high – both for ourselves and the props for the performances. Today, we drive around with costumes and scenery in cars and on bikes. Soon we hope to have a warehouse, workshop and office space in place. So that we can spend all our time creating new cultural hearts!

Premises for other leisure services

A heart has many chambers – and of course so does Kulturhjerte House! Whether we own or rent, fill the building ourselves or rent it out to other creative operators and leisure facilities is not important to us – what is important is that young cultural hearts have a building to beat and flourish in.

Creative HUB

During the day, Kulturhjerte House will be a creative cultural hub for professionals in the creative industries: Photographers, designers, producers, writers, etc. Preferably from different cultures – and preferably in creative interaction with Kulturhjerte’s instructors. Such a HUB will also be an important resource and springboard for Kulturhjerte parents who want to establish themselves as entrepreneurs in Norway – something Kulturhjerte has already contributed to.

Showroom for international and inclusive Lillehammer

Kulturhjerte is in itself unique to Lillehammer – and a Kulturhjerte House will create greater activity, more ripple effects and more community than we manage through our very changeable existence without our own premises today.

For the international cultural city of Lillehammer, Kulturhjerte House will be an important arena and beacon for cultural investment with very large and positive effects for the city, residents and visitors.

Want to help us get in the house?

Talk to a local politician, give us a hint about vacant premises, or tip a rich uncle or aunt!